Custom Event Handler

The ColdFusion documentation says that in order to create a global event handler that it must implement the CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler interface. So all you need to do is create the CFC and make it extend the core class that will provide you with all these capabilities: cborm.models.EventHandler

component extends="cborm.models.EventHandler"{

That's it! Just by doing this the CF ORM will call your CFC's event methods in this CFC and satisfy the interface. Of course you can override the methods, but always remember to fire off the parent class methods in order for the ColdBox interceptions to still work. You can then override each event method as needed. Below is a chart of methods you can override:

The base event handler CFC you inherit from has all the ColdBox interaction capabilities you will ever need. You can find out all its methods by referring to the API and looking at that class or by inspecting the ColdBox Proxy class, which is used for enabling ColdBox interactions: coldbox.system.remote.ColdboxProxy

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