Query Options

If you pass a structure as the last argument to your dynamic finder/counter call, we will consider that by convention to be your query options.

user = entityNew( "User" )
    .findByLastName( "Majano", { ignoreCase=true, timeout=20 } );

users = entityNew( "User" )
    .findAllByLastNameLike( "Ma%", { ignoreCase=false, max=20, offset=15 } );

The valid query options are:

  • ignorecase : Ignores the case of sort order when you set it to true.

  • maxResults : Specifies the maximum number of objects to be retrieved.

  • offset : Specifies the start index of the resultset from where it has to start the retrieval.

  • cacheable : Whether the result of this query is to be cached in the secondary cache. Default is false.

  • cachename : Name of the cache in secondary cache.

  • timeout : Specifies the timeout value (in seconds) for the query

  • datasource : The datasource to use, it defaults to the application

  • sortBy : The HQL to sort the query by

  • autoCast : No more casting, let us do auto casting for you

  • asStream : Want a stream back instead of the results, no problem!

Here is a more descriptive key set with the types and defaults

    ignoreCase     : boolean (false)
    maxResults     : numeric (0)
    offset         : numeric (0)
    cacheable      : boolean (false)
    cacheName      : string (default)
    timeout        : numeric (0)
    datasource     : string (defaults)
    sortBy         : hql to sort by,
    autoCast       : boolean (true),
    asStream       : boolean (false)

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