Leverage CommandBox to install into your ColdBox app:
# Latest version
install cborm
# Bleeding Edge

System Requirements

  • Lucee 5.x+
  • ColdFusion 2016+

Application.cfc Setup

Unfortunately, due to the way that ORM is loaded by ColdFusion, if you are using the ORM EventHandler or ActiveEntity or any ColdBox Proxies that require ORM, you must create an Application Mapping in the Application.cfc like this:
# In the pseudo constructor
this.mappings[ "/cborm" ] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & "modules/cborm";

WireBox DSL

The module registers a new WireBox DSL called entityservice which can produce virtual or base ORM entity services. Below are the injections you can use:
  • entityservice - Inject a global ORM service
  • entityservice:{entityName} - Inject a Virtual entity service according to entityName

Module Settings

Here are the module settings you can place in your ColdBox.cfc under moduleSettings -> cborm structure:
moduleSettings = {
cborm = {
// Resource Settings
resources : {
// Enable the ORM Resource Event Loader
eventLoader : false,
// Pagination max rows
maxRows : 25,
// Pagination max row limit: 0 = no limit
maxRowsLimit : 500
// WireBox Injection bridge
injection = {
// enable entity injection via WireBox
enabled = true,
// Which entities to include in DI ONLY, if empty include all entities
include = "",
// Which entities to exclude from DI, if empty, none are excluded
exclude = ""


We have also integrated a UniqueValidator from the validation module into our ORM module. It is mapped into WireBox as [email protected] so you can use in your model constraints like so:
{ fieldName : { validator: "[email protected]" } }

Supported Hibernate Versions

Lucee 5

Adobe 2016

Adobe 2018, Adobe 2021