What's New With 3.8.0
March 11, 2022


  • CBORM-32 - Non-Primary DSN Entities not found. Multi-datasource discovery of entities using virtual services and active entity. This was a regression since version 1.5. This brings back multi-datasource support for active entity, and virtual entity services. #52
  • Detached Subqueries was marked as a singleton when indeed it was indeed a transient. This could have created scoping issues on subquery based detached criteria building.
  • Var scoping issues in BaseBuilder detached projections
  • DetachedCriteriaBuilder was not passing the datasource to native criteria objects


  • Root docker-compose.yml to startup MySQL, or PostgreSQL in docker, for further hacking and testing.
  • Java proxy caching to avoid Lucee OSGi issues and increase Java object building performance
  • New method in the BaseOrmService: buildJavaProxy() which leverages our JavaProxyBuilder used mostly internally.
  • Lazy loading of SQL Helper in criteria queries
  • New module template guidelines and CI
  • Leverage WireBox aliases for construction of internal objects
  • Tons of internal docs and links to hibernate docs
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