What's New With 3.0.0

Compatibility Updates

In this major release we have two issues that are not backward compatible:

asQuery now false

All properties and arguments that received the asQuery argument are now defaulted to false. Meaning arrays of objects/structs is now the default instead of query objects. If you want to go back to queries, then make sure you add the asQuery : true to the method calls.

cbValidation => cbi18n v2 Upgrade

Our supporting modules have been also upgraded to their major versions mostly to support cbi18n v2. https://coldbox-i18n.ortusbooks.com/intro/release-history/whats-new-with-2.0.0
If you are using localization features with cborm then you must read the compat guide for cbi18n v2.

Release Notes


  • [CBORM-2] - isDirty() not working with ActiveEntity due to missing entity passed

New Features

  • [CBORM-3] - Updated cbValidation to v3 to support cbi18n v2
  • [CBORM-4] - asQuery update to default it to false
  • [CBORM-5] - Document v3 variant in the docs


  • [CBORM-6] - Source code cleanups by applying formatting rules