The following are vanilla configurations for enabling the ORM in ColdFusion:

// Enable ORM
this.ormEnabled = true;
// ORM Datasource
this.datasource = "contacts";
// ORM configuration settings
this.ormSettings = {
// Location of your entities, default is your convention model folder
cfclocation = ["models"],
// Choose if you want ORM to create the database for you or not?
dbcreate = "none",
// Log SQL or not
logSQL = true,
// Don't flush at end of requests, let Active Entity manage it for you
flushAtRequestEnd = false,
// Don't manage session, let Active Entity manage it for you
autoManageSession = false,
// Active ORM events
eventHandling = true,
// Use the ColdBox WireBox Handler for events
eventHandler = "cborm.models.EventHandler"